Mania and How We Got There!

Blog post for the journey to Madagascar –
Blog post for River 1: The Mania –


Waka Kayaks –
Garmin –
Immersion Research –
Manchester Canoes and Kayaks –
Dewerstone –
University of Aberdeen –
University of Bath –
University of Strathclyde Engineering –
Bangor University –

Music (in order of appearance) is:

“Collapsing Time” by Dexter Britain
“Nearer My God To Thee” by Lowell Mason and Sarah F. Adams
“Hypnothis” by Kevin MacLeod
“Ghost Assassin” by Metastaz
“Over The Waterfall” by Shake That Little Foot
“Twisted” by Kevin MacLeod

Thank you for watching and we hope you will join us for Episode 2: Far Out On The Faravory, in two weeks’ time.