Sam Lyons

Lake at end of Gøyst - Telemark - Photo by Luke Davies

Lake at end of Gøyst – Telemark – Photo by Luke Davies

Age: 23

Uni: University of Bath

Course: 4th Year, Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Role on the Team: Web Coordinator

When did I start kayaking? I can’t remember when I first tried kayaking, but I think I did a 2 star course on Plymouth Sound when I was about 10. It wasn’t until many years later that I started paddling white water and got addicted.

Paddling experience: Since my first taste of white water on the Lower Dart about 6 years ago, I have got up early many wet winter mornings to paddle the excellent white water that Dartmoor has to offer. I have also paddled many rivers in Scotland and Wales, as well as paddling in the French Alps and Norway.

Favourite River: The East Lyn on Exmoor is so sweet! Also the Marine Canyon on the Raundalselvi in Norway is a section I really want to go back to.

Spaanumfossen - Telemark - Photo by Rory Woods

Spaanumfossen – Telemark – Photo by Rory Woods

Favourite Food: Toast! – I eat a lot of toast with butter!

Happiest moment on the river: There have been so many great moments. I particularly enjoyed my first run down Amot Gorge on the Sjoa in Norway, after almost being too scared to get on.

Worst moment on the river: Being without a boat in the eddy just above End of the World on the Fairy Glen as a result of taking a swim. Not an easy place to get out of…