Matt Brook

Matt Mugshot

Age: 21

Uni: Nottingham

Course: 2nd Year, BA German

Role on the Team: Secretary

When did I start kayaking: Growing up within five minutes’ walk of the English Channel, water has always been my chosen element, initially as a sailor and now as a kayaker. I first sat in a kayak at around the age of seven.

Paddling experience: I have packed in a whole load of experience into the four years since I started paddling on whitewater, racking up around 150 days on the river in 2013. Kayaking has taken me all over the UK and twice down to the French Alps; I have also worked as a raft-guide and kayak instructor in North Carolina and Austria.

Favourite River: Two rivers contend for this much-coveted title, as both have caused me to grin like a chump from top to bottom; the Fairy Glen of the Conwy (N. Wales) and the Green River Narrows (NC, USA).

Fairy Falls - 2014

Fairy Falls – 2014

Favourite Food: Whilst my Grandma’s apple pie is undeniably the greatest dish on Earth and I could contentedly eat nothing else for the rest of my days, when it comes to food I will eat anything; if it tastes good, that’s a bonus!

Happiest moment on the river: Even when it gets scary or tense, every moment on the river can be recalled with joy. But I think a recent winner for me has to be nailing my first ever C1-McNasty!

Worst moment on the river: Various rescue situations spring to mind, but I would say more generally that the worst days are those when the faff hours outnumber the boating hours!