Leslie Simpson

Leslie Mugshot

Age: 21

Uni: University Of Aberdeen

Course: 4th Year BEng Civil & Structural Engineering

Role on the Team: Funding/sponsorship/grants

Kayaking Experience: 5 years of slalom at national level (umm…) and 4 years of creeking/playboating (hooray!). University kicked off my kayaking properly and I now have endless experience paddling and exploring the rivers and ditches of Scotland, along with two trips to the French South Alps and a trip to Uganda under my belt.

Favourite Food: The list would go on and on, I live for food and can’t wait for some new experiences in Madagascar!!

Favourite River: Give me a stonking Middle Guil in the South Alps and I’ll be a very happy boy! Otherwise classic Scottish runs such as the Nevis and Garbh Allt are pretty spot on, especially when the flows are right!

Pol Dubh Falls - River Nevis

Pol Dubh Falls – River Nevis

Best moment on the river: My first descent of the Falls of Muick was pretty special, a technical 4m slide into an 8m fall felt amazing to nail the line on!

Worst Moment On The River: There was a mega steep death ditch we hiked into in the Alps, found in an old Topolino guidebook, and needless to say it was just 4/5m drops landing on slabs then running into trees for km after km. After being on the river for 5 odd hours and getting nowhere I can safely say it’s not one I’ll be rushing back to, leave it as a memory of the Topo glory days.