Jacob Collings

Jacob Mugshot

Age: 20

University: Newcastle

Course: 1st Year Marine Technology

Roll of the Team: Head of Spreadsheets (Treasurer)

Kayaking Experience: I first went in a kayak way back when I was a Beaver Scout, age 6!  Since then I’ve paddled many rivers all over the UK and been on two kayaking trips abroad; to Uganda and Chile.

Favorite Food: Nothing better that a Maccy D’s after a big night out!

Favorite River: Although there are many to choose from, my favorite would have to be the Futaleufu, in Chile. About 40km of amazing big volume class 4/5 which flows through the stunning scenery of Patagonia, what more could you ask for?

Best Moment on the River: I think the best moment I’ve had on the water was styling the line on Merriman on the Upper Trancura, a big class 5 rapid, after taking one look at it a month earlier and thinking I’m never going to run that!

Worst Moment on the River:  We once tried to run the Tea Cups section on the Rio Claro and accidently put onto the wrong section. Shortly after the river gorged up we realised our mistake and as carrying downstream was not an option we had to climb about 40m out of the canyon and haul all our boats up with us.  It took about 4 hours in the baking midday sun and involved some serious sketchy climbing!

Rio Gol Gol

Rio Gol Gol