Calum Peden

Nevis - Scimitar Gorge - 2014

Nevis – Scimitar Gorge – 2014

Age: 21

Uni: University of Aberdeen

Course: 4th Year MEng Civil and Environmental

Role on the Team: Logistics

When did I start Kayaking? 2003, when I was 10 I went out in my dad’s stick and canvas sea kayak and got hooked. Before that I had done a fair bit of open boating with my family.

Paddling experience: Mainly bashing down Scottish ditches and the alps, I have spent a few days on the Nile and I am heading out there this new year for 3 weeks of big volume boating.

Favourite River: Nevis, Especially boulder blast and the section from there down to leg breaker.

Favourite Food: Curry, I love it more than the people in India. Although a good Italian pizza or a good Scottish breakfast can’t really be beat either.

Happiest moment on the river: Landing the Falls of Muick when it was a really high level after such a massive boof that I landed nose up. I was so shit scared before it, as it was my first run on it ever and it was the highest level I have seen in any videos.

Falls of Muick - 2014

Falls of Muick – 2014

Worst moment on a river: One time I was really hung over and it was winter, and I was too hung over to eat before the river and I didn’t take enough thermals. The run down the North Esk took longer than expected and by the time I got back to the bus I was starting to black out from hypothermia and feeling really hung over. I never want to be that cold again.

Media coverage: I have made a fair few videos and featured in a lot more. They can all be found on my Vimeo channel here: